Whatsapp Automatic Message Deleting Android App Download


Whatsapp Automatic Message Deleting Android App Download

Many of the newspapers in the vital part of our lives send us to many people, including our photos. If we send a message to one of them, if he sees it, then it can be done away from our mobile.

But some of the more specialized processes have gone out of the Android operating system to see the lost message. So we can even set up how to send a message that we send the message we want to send it automatically, how much time or minute you can get lost.


The message we send in this mode will automatically disappear so there is no special processor to read this message again and I hope this system will help many because this process is very different.

And those who think that it should secretly take some conversations can be a processor that is most important for lovers.

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Details of the process:

First install this processor on your mobile and you will be given the camera menu at the top left hand menu when this process is opened. When we touch it, we have the option of Kaboom.


When that option enters in, we can type the message or type it down and type the clock icon below. Clicking on it will have to create information on how much time we send a message to be destroyed.

For instance, in the minutes and minutes of the account, we can even send the set to the message we send in the second.

Now the top right and send icon. Once we click on it, we will see the process of sending it.

We Watts and email normal messaging all such places use this not the message can mail the message to them, to reach my A Ling went like reaching it as they please click Open, and then when we look at we sent mecejai their readings and then select the table you in the video seen as the Automatically alintuvituma


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