Ubser’s latest feature update in tamil


Ubser’s latest feature update in tamil:

The ride forwarding has brought a new feature of the Great Wave,


The new feature, which allows Uber’s latest feature drives free riders, is known to be a safe call from the Jupiter App. This is based on the VoLP Internet Protocol that calls users to call the Internet through the Internet instead of VoiceNetwork.

However, users must install the latest update from the app before using the free calling feature.

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Meanwhile, Uber released a comedy series produced by the authors of Amar Chitra Katha Media and Dingle Comics. Comic Conducted Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari started.

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Inspired under the influence of the comic series alcohol, it emphasizes the importance of a good Samaritan for the victims who suffer from helmets and road accidents.

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Uber announced a pilot introduction to the Uber Boat Service in Mumbai jointly with the Maharashtra Naval Officer.

India’s Gateway, Elif Banda Islands and Mandawa Jaiti,
are provided by passengers from the city’s famous coastal route to passengers.
From February 1,
riders can access two types of Uber Boat based on 6-8 for Uber Boat and 10+ Seater for Uber Boat XL .

Accordingly, Uber will allow the riders in Mumbai to tap a button and use Uber Boat riders to make the city the most efficient and comfortable stream in the city.



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