Call Blocker & Caller ID is the best app for identifying and blocking any numbers, and the unknown callers.
As a contacts widget, Call Blocker & Caller ID works like the mobile phone number tracker, number locator and the caller number identification tool. We can identify any calls, track any phone number even identify unknown callers so as to find the TrueCaller and show who�s calling you  Including the caller location.

Call Blocker function, which is also called as the call blocker, is based on a huge database, we block numbers or unwanted calls from your calls blacklist. The reserve phone number lookup function allows you to search any number or name, track any phone number. Call Blocker & Caller ID also allows you to make the phone calls in the app, just like a dialer. The call log shows your recent calls, like who called you, the missed calls and no answer calls. What�s important is Call Blocker & Caller ID is the best free android phone app. From now on, you will have the most delightful finding TrueCaller.
Call Blocker & Caller ID Features:

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Find the True Caller 
– Caller identification & the number identification- Real-time identify who�s calling, regardless of the reserve phone numbers or from an unknown number. The Block numbers function & Caller ID mobile number locator function as shows the caller name and caller location and acts as the Mobile Number Tracker. Figure out the TrueCaller by installing Call Blocker & Caller ID. You will find it the best free on the Call blocker & phone number tracker.

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– Calls Blacklist – Block numbers, unwanted calls and contacts, by adding them to the calls blacklist. When the numbers from this call blacklist call you, we identify unknown callers, unknown numbers, unwanted calls and block numbers for you automatically, that is called Call Block or call blacklist.

Full Call Blocker & Caller ID info – 
-The true Call Blocker & Caller ID name, the photo, birthday, SMS, social info etc through this mobile number tracker.

Call Blocker & Caller ID Location Tracker
– Now free yourself from the unknown Callers calling from the  Unknown Locations, Call Blocker & Caller ID helps you track phone number with Location Tracker.

– A lot of amazing themes are available in Call Blocker & Caller ID. Now you can enjoy personalizing the way you see your Call Blocker & Caller ID.
Contacts widget 
– Fast access to save the unknown numbers or call back from the missed calls, and completed calls or no answer calls from the call log.

?True Call Blocker & Caller ID and Location:
 You can now easily see Who is calling and identify any  unknown incoming calls, track any  phone number, block any number with the Call Blocker & Caller ID App.

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