SplitVideo: Save &Split Status Videos for WhatsApp


SplitVideo: Save &Split Status Videos for WhatsApp:


How to place video stats at VATS for thirty seconds

In this post we see what we all know we put our favorite video within 30 seconds, but sometimes we find it difficult to keep the most favorite videos for more than 30 seconds.

We’ll be very happy to have lots of favorite videos on Stats, but let’s see how to put it in this post, even if it’s difficult to get stats at 30 seconds.

First download this processor on your mobile and then select the video you need in this process. If your video is 2 min, for example, this processor will split it into four parts by 30 seconds. Downloading the VATS will give you a great deal of work, so this processor keeps your favorite video up to four sessions by 30 seconds and you do not know how to watch the same video.

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So you can put a full-length video on the VatsApp by giving it your own favorite video with this process rather than separating it into Watsy for more than thirty seconds.

App Description:

Tired of trimming the videos for Whatsapp Status and cringing about it? SPLITVIDEO FOR WHATSAPP STATUS is the perfect app for you.

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SPLIT VIDEO FOR WHATSAPP STATUS is a FREE status saver and video trimming application available for Android devices. You can now leave the strenuous task of finding your contact’s status videos and also splitting long videos for making it as whatsapp status. Simply browse through your contact’s recents status or saved status and share the videos. For splitting videos into parts, simply choose the video from your device. SPLITVIDEO: FOR WHATSAPP STATUS does it for you.

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>> Fast : We value your time and we wouldn’t waste it. And yes! We count in seconds.
>> Simple : Click! Click! And ready to go! It is as simple as that. Upload all the splitVideos in one go.

What is more to come :
>> Currently we do not support an in-build file manager but promise to bring you one soon!
>> And surprises that are yet to follow.



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