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Hi, friends today in this post we have to see that how to save important call recordings in your mobile. Please share this post with all your friends.

In here we have to see that best call recorder app for Android mobile. its name is Call. It is the best call recorder app and it enables the high-quality call recording automatically. It helps to save both side call recordings. It needs the best solution for the call recordings.


Features of Call recordings
– It automatically records all incoming/ outgoing calls without asking permission.
– Manual and automatic call recording from both side of the user.
– It can record the file in several formats ie. Mp3 and wav also.
– It contains an unlimited amount of storage to store the big file recordings.
– It has the facility to upload the recordings in Dropbox and also in Google drive.
– It has an inbuilt player to play the recordings.
– The filter of the recording option can filter the call recordings of unknown numbers.
– It records all calls automatically
– Can hear the playback voice any earpeice or mp3.

Main Features
– By shaking the device the app will make automatic call records.
– Call connection menu will appear after each record.
– It records all your phone calls
– Contains best high-quality recording facility.

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