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Indian Rummy is one of the most popular Indian card games. Indian Rummy or Paplu as it is sometimes called, is a card game with little variation from the original Rummy card game.

Indian Rummy card game is also well-known as Paplu, Remi, Romi, Romme, Ramme, Rmi, Rumi & Rami. Straight rummy offers the best gaming experience on your Android device. It is normally considered a cross between Rummy 500 & Gin Rummy Card Game.

Indian Rummy is an interesting and skill-required card matching game. It is played with 13 cards and at least two decks and sometimes jokers(wild cards).

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Table Rules :-
1. Played between 2 to 5 players
2. Each player brings a minimum amount to the table.
3. Minimum two runs (sequences) are required.
4. One of these runs (sequences) must be pure (called First Life).
5. The second run can be pure or non pure (called Second Life).

❖ Easy to understand, challenging to play!
❖ Classic Styled Cards
❖ Play and pass time anywhere, anytime.
❖ Intuitive, smooth Graphics and Game-play
❖ Play Indian Rummy Online Card Game for Free
❖ Completely Free to Play Rummy app

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Play Indian Rummy Online Card Game for Free now with your friends on a private table, or a set of real people in Online rummy mode. We have developed Indian Rummy for a smooth game play experience, a pleasurable experience altogether.

The requirement of first life and second life makes Indian Rummy interesting and challenging. To win a game of social rummy requires skill, use of memory, complete focus, and involvement in the game

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Download Indian Rummy for your phone and tablets today for hours of fun. Play Indian Rummy Online Card Game for Free anytime, anywhere and win prizes daily.

Play Indian Rummy Online Card Game for Free and go head-to-head with LIVE players worldwide to enjoy the mind-blowing mobile card game action.

Download Indian Rummy Online Card Game for Free is finally out on the google play store. Non stop Free Rummy fun is finally here.



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