By this app, you don’t need to check the SMS notification each time without having any trouble to look at your phone’s message app.

This app will manage the all sending and receiving messages while you are in any work. Your texts, SMS and caller id of income phones without looking your phone. Turn off incoming phone notifications while working.

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This app is very useful for real estate agents and outside working peoples, freelancers, taxi drivers, and other business peoples.


Students love text messaging and MMS with friends always online while in class taking important notes in the classroom.

Text message from your phone tablet or any other smartphone devices Messages sync in your phone’s contacts

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Watch your battery level in your desktop at any time in the right side of the app.

Send bulk SMS to 30 contacts at once.

Send text messages from your Gmail or Facebook.

Stop text messages from unwanted numbers.

Back up your phones important files in Mighty Text app.

Send and Reply text messages from your email inbox

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