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The description of Incoming Call Locker-Blocker

Incoming call locker is the best security app for locking incoming call available on play store.

Incoming call locker will protect your phone’s Incoming call to be picked by some one else.

Incoming call locker are both blocks unwanted calls and helps manage a blacklist as call blocker


If you are looking for a call blocker, incoming call locker is what you need.

Incoming call locker will not allow any one to see the caller’s number,
name or any other details as the password input screen will be up on the screen.

You can either block any number from your contacts list, calls or add unwanted number manually same as call blocker.
incoming call locker saves all blocked calls in a journal. Don’t worry, you will never lose any important call.
Numbers from the blacklist are blocked quietly and without any signs of a call.

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This incoming call locker have some convenient setting options,
* such as the ability to block private numbers, or to disable notifications.
* Incoming Call locker provide Lock Type Settings : All, Known, Unknown, Selected contacts.
* block some unwanted number.
* change password.
* change call locker background (we provide some default amazing background)
* if you don’t like any inbuilt wallpaper then incoming call locker give you functionality to select wallpaper from your gallery

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* Numbers blacklist (blocking incoming calls) same as call blocker
* Blocked calls journal its use also as call blocker
* Blocking anonymous (private) numbers (call blocker)
* Blocking all incoming calls
* Notification of blocked calls (can be disabled in the settings)
* Enable/Disable Incoming Call locker.
* No one can talk to your incoming calls by picking the calls using earphones.

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* protect your incoming call
* protect unwanted call same as call blocker
* block some unwanted call by using call block function
* easy to manage call
* no internet require
* easy to use
* lightweight and low memory use by incoming call locker
* does not consume memory or CPU resources
* And it’s totally FREE!

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