How to Use Team Viewer app in mobile


How to Use Team Viewer app in mobile:

Let’s see how one person’s mobile is operated entirely through our mobile and what’s happening on their mobile.

So far we have seen how to keep track of what’s happening on one of our mobile phones on our mobile, but in this post we can see how to get their mobile phone running through our mobile without seeing only one’s mobile phone.

This function requires two processors The first step is to install the processor on our mobile. The second is to install the given functionality on their mobile phone to see what’s going on.

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Now you have to open the processor on both mobile phones. When you open the processor installed on the second phone, we will have a number of IDs.

The ID number will be first installed on the phone that is installed or the registrant of the remote control of the version to choose between two mobile phones in a short time.

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Not only do we look at the mobile on the second, but also let the mobile phone run through our mobile. Let’s say that you can run entirely on what’s on their phone, so that we can see it on our mobile and trolle the eye through our mobile.


For example, if the camera opens on our phone, they will be the camera opens on their mobile phone and the gallery opens on their phone, but it is also open on our phone, but their mobile phone is available on our mobile.

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The main use of this process is to control a mobile phone from abroad or control the mobile phone from one place to another.

This registration of this process was recorded as intended to make clear all the information about education so as to avoid committing these crimes.




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