How to use my second mobile convert to CCTV


How to use my second mobile convert to CCTV:

In this post we see how to convert our phone to CCTV cameras and monitor how to watch our home or your favorite places

First you need to install this processor on your mobile and surveillance mobile. Then
you need to log the email address of your address to two mobile phones.

This processor will now be combined on both mobile phones.
Do not give different email addresses, so you can not control that phone.

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Now it’s got on both the mobile phones, so you can keep track of where you want to monitor.

This time, you can change this processor using two mobile phones and you do not understand this.

If you want to see what’s happening on the mobile phone now, this processor should always be on tracking mobile.

Key Settings:

This process has three main settings. 1.Motion Detection Mode Detection Mode If you enable it, your camera will be notified if you know any previous move, so we can immediately find the movements and activate the operator in our Moball and learn what’s going on there.


2. Period Monitering Mode

If you do not like continuous surveillance mobile, you can use this system to run only the required time.

3.Cloud Storage

If you want to watch what’s happening there, you’ll be able to see the video coming from Drive using Google Drive Cloud Storage. Please check the video for more information. Avoid using this process to commit crimes.

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How to use my second mobile convert to CCTV

▶ Do you have old Android smartphone or tablets that you are not using and gathering dust in your drawer?
Why don’t you reuse them as High Quality Home Security Camera for Free?

▶ Don’t need to buy a expensive and slow new home security camera.
If you have extra smartphone lying around you, SeeCiTV can make them as a Powerful Home Security Camera for free.

▶ Very Easy to Use!
If you already have Wifi connection around you, you don’t need a ISP provider or USIM for old smartphone. You just need to download and install the app using Wifi, and just login with same Gmail ID onto two or more Android smartphones or tablet devices. One for Security Camera, and another for Remote Live Video Viewer. NO NEED COMPLEX IP CONFIGURATION!


▶ Connect security camera from anywhere and at anytime you want!
You can access your security camera from anywhere and at anytime and watch live video via high speed internet. We highly recommend using 4G or the fast wifi for the best quality of live video streaming and the stable connection.

▶ Watch 1080p HD Live Video and Listen to bi-directional high quality Audio
You can watch max 1080p HD live video and listen to live audio. Try and see the fast live video feed.

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▶ Low power and battery consumption and NO Heat problem!
Unlike other Home Security Camera apps, SeeCiTV does not require to keep Screen ON, and it uses camera resources only when the devices are connected. So it does not generate battery heat problem and it consumes low battery usage.


▶ Enhanced Secure Connection!
SeeCiTV uses P2P with industry standard of TLS/DTLS encrypted protocol and ECDSA certificate to make a connection between devices. Furthermore, SeeCiTV enables the users to set their own password for a connection, and it is only saved in device storage. The connection is allowed only when the stored password exactly match between devices.

▶ Powerful Motion Detection!
Most other similar apps they start recording video only after it detects moving object (If the object moves too fast, it usually fails to capture the moving object because the object is already out of camera sight when video record starts. So, it doesn’t record anything). However, SeeCiTV records video both before and after the motion detection event occurs by using the advanced ring buffer recording algorithm, so it never miss recording moving objects even though it moves fast. All recorded video are saved in Personal Google Drive Cloud Storage for free (15GB free space).

Screenshot Image

▶ Remote control for Turn ON/OFF Security Camera
You can turn on/off security camera, and connect to security camera whenever you want. This makes more secure connections. Did you forget to turn on your security camera when going out? Don’t worry! You can turn it on or turn it off remotely using the app , and watch live video at anytime.

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▶ Make many security camera or remote viewer as you want
Do you have more than two Android devices? You can make them all as Security Camera or you can make them all as Remote viewers.

▶ SeeCiTV provides many great features:
1. High quality real-time live Video & Audio Streaming (bi-directional)
– Up to 1080p Full HD video resolution
– High quality bi-directional audio stream
2. Front/Back Camera as Security Camera
3. Remote Flash light ON/OFF
4. Live Video Recording
5. Enhanced Security for the connection
6. Powerful Motion Detection and Cloud recording service
7. Remote control for turn on/off security camera
8. other great features




Slow Download

Download the App

Fast Download:

Download the App



*** You need at least TWO and MORE Android devices to use this app. Internet connection is required. ***

In order to watch live video, all devices need internet connection. We highly recommend high speed internet (e.g. 4G, High Bandwidth WiFi) for the best quality live video.

We are currently developing IOS and Web Version, and they will be released soon.




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