How to record and hear others incoming and outgoing calls Lover


This is the record of asking for incoming and outgoing legs that are on the phone of one of the others, so it is good to use this process only for your own purposes, otherwise it is a crime to use this process.

First you need to set up this processor on your mobile and then this processor requires some special permissions for it to be enabled. This application will be available in the application, then all the calls, contacts, unknown will be in this option.

Then go to the menu as you have seen in the video and you have to change the status of some special settings so now we can see only the most important sets.

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Important Setting:

Our Google Drive is a Google Drive that is on our phone so we can call on our phone to get all the phone’s hands on our mobile phone.

So you will see this option in the Google Drive drive in the menu. If you have this Google Drive, then you have to add your mail id to it, but you can not put the Mail ID on that particular phone to the mail ID.

So if you do not have your mail id on that phone then you have to add your email id to add this email address to your email address.

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On every phone, every cell is synchronized every hour and every one of them will be synchronized and after this synchronize, all of those legs will be brought to our Google Drive by our mail ID.

Now in our Google Driver, after all of those legs come, we can ask for it online or download it.

So I believe this process will only be used for your own purposes and do not fall into the crimes using other useless things.

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