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Phone Radiation Alert:

Recently radiation safe German Federal Office issued a comprehensive list of a smartphone that released most of the radio. Surprisingly, OnePlus and Xiaomi smartphones have top points when revealing a lot of radiation. On this list, Xiaomi’s first generation Android OnePhone 5T with S75 W / kg SAR value.

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To protect your notes, you have the right amount of radiation from harmful mobile phone to 1.6 W / kg. Similar phones have also exceeded permissible limits in the country.
If you do not know exactly what the SAR specific absorption rate is, it is the amount of radiation emitted by a mobile phone that is absorbed in the human body, and therefore reduced SAR value, low level of radiation.


Although there is no specific theory to prove the harmful effects of radiation from a mobile phone, its consequences are dependent on the amount of radioactive exposure. There are some tips to stay safe from guessing, as not entirely stop using mobile devices. Here are some tips to prevent harmful price for mobile radiation.

Use of wire fatths The reports on the phone over 50 minutes affect reports that affect the brain function of the person. Therefore, it is recommended that you save yourself from high cloths. The easiest way to do this is to use a wireless network. Of course, Bluetooth headphones have been
delayed, but these are not entirely safe and are radiated to some extent, when you use headphones, your phone will not be kept close to your body, so you increase your chances of reducing the amount of radiation.

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While anti-radiation cases are commonly used in protective cases, there are companies making anti-radiation cases. Internal exterior and microphone
This artificial method is synthesized artificially. These products protect your phone and control radiation with radiation radiation. This prevents and absorbs radiation for reducing exposure to radiation.


Avoid keeping your phone in the pocket is very common to watch mobile phones carry in their pocket. Mobile phones release a radiation on a continuous basis, but do not have the same utility, it is necessary to carry it in your pocket or in your hand to carry it in your pocket and prevent the harmful effects of radiation on the baiting bay.

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Avoid weak signal areas when your network strength is weak.

Cell phones are ubiquitous in our society. Approximately 6 billion people on this planet have access to a mobile phone. But is this mainstream device dangerous?

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Cellular devices use “electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range.” This is similar type of radiation produced by other digital wireless systems. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified cell phone radiation as Group 2B. This means that cell phone radiation is possibly carcinogenic. In order to truly tell if cell phone radiation is carcinogenic or not, long-term research must be conducted. However, scientists have begun conducting studies to try and understand the connection between cell phone use and cancer. Despite the relatively low risk of cancers, people should still be cautious because ailments can take up to 30 years to fully develop.

It is unrealistic to tell the world to stop using cell phones. However, it is important that the world is aware of the dangers we may face because of cell phone radiation. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people try to adopt hands-free devices or texting to reduce the radiation exposure. Obviously, the exposure is higher when the cell phone is closer to our heads and bodies. It is also best to try and keep mobile phone use limited for children.


So what does all of this mean? Are cell phones good or bad? Cell phones have only been around for about twenty years. Only time will tell if the cell phone radiation will affect the world in the long term. To really find out what is going on, a study should be conducted now that follows thousands of people, with controls, throughout their lifetimes. For now, I would use my cell phone with caution, but there is no way that I am taking it out of my life.




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I created this Phone Radiation Alert Apps to monitor the daily phone radiation level. The apps will monitor the signal strength from nearby telecommunication tower and also battery radiation level of the phone. I develop a formula using sophisticated algorithm, the apps will calculate and show your daily call radiation level of your phone calls.

To reduce you daily radiation expose, use hands-free devices such headset, speakers and more texting then voice calls as WHO recommendation.


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