How to know what typing others mobile history keylogger


How to know what typing others mobile history keylogger:

Reliance launches voice calling support in tamil

Reliance Geo entered the Indian telecom industry two years ago and affected the entire market. The big factors that helped the company grow are its cheap rates, free packaged offerings, and 4G speed internet speed and standby applications. Switching jio users seem to be expanding on the day-to-day free of applications.

The jiogrouptalk mobile application that is hoped with HD voice is now supported by a new application called Reliance jiogrouptalk. That way allows you to do group creations for your communication.


The Reliance jiogrouptalk app is listed on the Goole play store. A separate touch multi-party call application for Jio users is in a low employee inquiry.

But soon the company will release this application to everyone. The company insists that jio users can add up to 10 users to the conference through this application, with the use of HD voice calling support.

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D ownload
If interested in using the app, download it from the Google Play store or Apple App Store and sign in with your jio number. You will get an OTP in your jio number to sign in.

Remember that the application is the time of the application in the early days. Make sure you have jio SIM on your phone with VoLTE support to verify the application to work correctly.

You’re all set to use the app using all of them.

The Jiogrouptalk mobile application that is hoped with HD Voice has informed users that the non-ji supporters can add non-ji users to their Group Talk conference calls.

There is a desire to add a caller when waving the conference. Individually anyone can disable the band or re-connect the caller.


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To download

   This application greatly helps you find the file. We have given this application link below. If you need, download the link below.




This application has an interesting feature called lecture mode, where users will be disabled and only one user will talk.

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The use of mobile phone calls for the city is currently low by Jio according to Jio. While no further video calls or group chats are available, these days will be added to the app.


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