How to know our friends when coming on whatsapp


How to know our friends when coming on whatsapp

We do not know if any of our favorite Wats always comes online because we only know when he is online in the watch and we know only if we open up his profile .

And moreover, if we were online at the time of the watch, we knew that he was online and we did not know if he had hidden on the Vatts online.

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So in this post we will see how much of the time he loves when he comes online and how much time he will spend when he does not know how to look at our mobile.
It’s not as clear as if they were hiding their last time and they did not know us right now. We can now easily see if the notification comes to us when the processor arrives online.

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First of all you need to install this processor on our mobile phone and then you will have to register whose mobile phone number, whose Whatsapp information we want to see on our mobile.

Now we have to open this process on our mobile and then click on the top left. After clicking, WhatsApp should know what we want to see in his Whatsapp number.

To post a specific whatsapp number they have to register their name or the name you have entered.

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We now get whatsapp information of our favorite people will get us through this processor when they come online.




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And if we have the sounds that are unique to us when our favorite person comes online we can post the sounds.



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