How to know others mobile all chatting history


We do not know what kind of person they are and how good they are, but we will simply buy a mobile number if we talk to a person in a period of time now. Not only do you buy a mobile number, we also have dialogues with him in social networks.

In this case, this process will be very useful for parents.

How to use:

If we suspect this process is installed on a mobile phone, they are more likely to have a conversation with anybody on their mobile phone than they can. But this processor can record all those dialogues, even if that number is on the phone, even if they destroy their conversations.

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First of all you need to install this processor on a particular phone. After installing, select the Keyboard option and select the Keyboard for this processor. This process has a total of four options that we use only 2 options, so we only need the first and last two options. And finally what we want to do now is that we do not need to reopen this processor after selecting the Start Loging option.

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Now that particular person or your children with someone conversations away completely Del the case of the processor, the conversations all the record that this is mainly a feature of it is that this processor Del capable produces record that therefore the video clearly

Where to see

the recorded dialogues: All the conversations recorded by this process do not exist in this process so we do not have to open this process once again.

All the dialogues reported by this processor are listed in your CUSTOM KEYBOARD folder inside your file manager and you can go straight there.

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All conversations are recorded only if you use the keyboard provided in this process.

This processor will not work automatically when you turn off your phone and turn it on again.



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