How To Increase Sound Of Your Android Mobile


How To Increase Sound Of Your Android Mobile:

“Mosquito Sound” are sounds at frequency between 17.4 kHz and 20kHz. Our app gives you possibility to play sounds even with frequency between 9kHz and 22kHz (sound above 20kHz are called ultrasounds).

What do you need this app for?

* Test your audio devices *
You can test your audio devices (e.g. speakers, headphones, home theater speakers) if they can play sounds at certain frequencies.

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* Test your hearing *
Test if you suffer from Presbycusis (age-related hearing loss). A lot of people over 50 years old lose their ability to hear high frequencies. Deterioration in hearing can be also found in younger people, even in 18 years old one. Check what sound frequencies you can hear.


* Dog whistle *
Train your dog with high frequency sounds (e.g above 20kHz) that can be heard by dogs, but are inaudible for most of humans. This way you can train your dog anywhere without disturbing other people.

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* Anti mosquito *

Test if ultrasounds works against mosquitos or flies. There is a myth, that high frequency sounds (e.g above 20kHz) can be annoying for mosquitoes. Check by yourself if this app prevents you from getting bitten by mosquitos.
(DISCLAIMER: Repelling mosquitoes and other insects using ultrasounds is not confirmed by science. Please don’t treat this app as a mosquito repellent tool. It only gives you the ability to play high frequency sounds.)



Remember: Turn your volume to max while playing sound.
Please also remember that some built-in phone speakers are not able to produce all sound frequencies in range of 9kHz to 22kHz.

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