How To Get Your Friends Call and SMS On Your Phone


How To Get Your Friends Call and SMS On Your Phone:

Let’s see clearly how to take care of one’s mobile and sms details on our mobile.

This process can be very useful for us to monitor the presence of unnecessary legs and SMMs, where everybody has several legs and many sms. In addition to this process we will have one of the incoming and outgoing calls that are available on one’s mobile and send a clear report about who and what time it is to whom to go. Using this model for your own use is beneficial in getting benefit. Avoid the use of this application on the mobile phone without the need to avoid committing crimes.

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How to use:

First you need to install this application on your phone or install it on the mobile phone whose mobile phone you want to monitor.
This application is very simple to use this application so it is very easy to do just the layout you have seen in the video without changing any setting as you saw in the video.

First we need to give our name and our email address. Then you will be given a call log and sms log.
You can only use what you need.


Time Setting:

one’s call log and sms log any time your email address to the need for which you can be set, for example, daily at 9 pm on one’s mobile, which come in the foot and sms titail our phone should arrive, as we have set up every morning at 9 pm, his phone will arrive on foot and sms hairdresser Ail arrive.

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Then we have to give a password and this password must be given very strongly. Now everything is over.

Do something to change the system to the back option is provided so you can change the setting if you want to adjust the processor is very simple and is an active and useful in a processor, the processor the false things that are used in the offense, so your own things using only the appliances getting better.

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