How to get other mobile all details like whatsapp facebook messages


How to get other mobile all details like whatsapp facebook messages

Mumbai-based media and entertainment company has announced shemarroo entertainment. Shemarroome with the launch of the Outdoor video streaming app.

Shemarroo starts on the need for video service everything you need to know. It is a great leap Shemarroo is a classic company and contemporary of Bollywood at the same time that we have always been a certified by Indian audience and our history of real pulse understanding.

Our core strength is beyond the reach of providing a wealthy and diverse that we aim to make this Underserved Consumer and certainly more nostalgic economics to do. Hiren Gada, CEO, shemarroo said.

Cost of individual type projects rs.49 months or rs. 499 years The cost of access to the affordable programs rs.99 month or rs999 year, providing a newly launched site.


Bollywood, Gujarati, Bhakthi, Punjabi and children with all content groups to meet the needs of all age groups.
D ownload
Zubin said the dubash, CO, digital shemarroo entertainment defined. A state of art is a strong platform, provided by our content.

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A road map features vo live from our viewers to make the linear vod content we get consuming options for embedded forms our customers.

We are expanding our strategic partnership through distributing our otlet delivery to many sites with amazing content to target visitors and we believe we are confident this visitor who supports our visitors who support slate over 55 years of custom offering.

The newly launched oat player applies to different content options for each Indian it has to offer on seven different types of Bollywood Plus, Gujarati and children.


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To download

   This application greatly helps you find the file. We have given this application link below. If you need, download the link below.




Download the App


Devotional, ibaadat and Punjabi give consumers the freedom to take the content and choose them separately, the more consumer can download. Google Play and ios App Store from the app.

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