How to easily get others mobile whatsapp detail and sms details in my mobile 


How to easily get others mobile whatsapp detail and sms details in my mobile

Facebook introduced a new application called lasso. The new app will help users reveal their creativity by creating fun and short videos. The 15-minute video app I wanted to participate in live competition with the famous Tiktok recently acquired

Facebook Tiktok introduces rival Laszo. Facebook’s new move to win the Losers Youth, which has lost the largest social media company in the past two years.

If we want to make statements, more than half of young adults use Facebook, compared with 71 percent compared to 2014.


The new app can record their favorite rhythms with dancing lips, allowing users to create small videos like Vines, as seen in Tiktok, and available for both iOS and Android.

Facebook The Pursuit The Parque Laszo is the newest complete application for the gym and the gymnastic beauty and exercise for new entertainment features, we’re excited about the possibility here and collect feedback from the creators and creators.

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Users can login to Lasco using their Instagram, or create a new account using Facebook.

D ownload users must first authorize the application to allow access to their photographs and their applications. You can filter content by using hashtags displayed in the gadget.

Lasso videos can also be shared as Facebook stories, while the Instagram sharing option is then rolled out. This does not currently allow a personal profile.

Facebook is bizarre about the launch of the new app, there is no official statement on its official website. Facebook product manager Andy Huang came to Twitter to announce the launch of the new app.

Besides, Facebook has already offered contracts to a large Cyber ​​Cyber ​​Company and to many companies. Mark Zuckerberg is reported to be buying flammable software in its current services.


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To download

   If you have not forgotten or ignored the backup and store of the file, this application greatly helps you find the file. We have given this application link below. If you need, download the link below.




It offers invisible tools for developers of hacking attempts or individual account holders.

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Whilst Facebook ends the end of 2018, there is no talk of how fast the deal is on Facebook.

Purchasing a Cyberfoot will reduce the chance of a coding error in giving millions of accounts.


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