How to convert my mobile to CCTV camera


What we see in this post is to watch someone’s camera control and watch what he does with our mobile.

How to Monitor:

We have to download the processor on both the mobile phones that you want to control whose phone you want to download on your mobile phone.

Then logging in to an email address on two mobile phones and another log in to another email is wrong. And if we do that, we can not keep track of his phone.

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Now two mopailkalilum not the same email address given and whose phone want to monitor his phone camera, the option you want to choose our mobile viewer the option to choose to be our Internet connection faster than they would be if it is to us immediately on the recipient’s phone connection akivittu his camera there occur namata Watch as the mobile web connection is slow at some time during the event will cost.

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 The main purpose of this operation of this operation is to use this processor when we are not home to use another mobile phone CCTV camera.



Thank you hilariously requesting that you do not use this process for the wrong reasons .



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