How to control others mobile remotely using sms commands


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process to see: When this process is first installed on our mobile phone, their handbook will be given to it and the screen will be given a choice.
When choosing all of the choices we have given us to control the mobile phone of one of us, all of the choices given will be in the SMS format to fully control the phone from our mobile.

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You must first check whose phone you want to monitor and then install the processor on your phone. After installing it, you can keep track of all that SMS command with this process if you need it.

After installing that processor on a mobile device, you need to send it in the form of the specific command in the form of sms in mind.

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For instance, if you want to know their location, you can get the IRR format from your mobile phone in the form of SMS R You can get their exact IPL location on our mobile.





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