How to change our live location as we are from one place to another


How to change our live location as we are from one place to another

We are from India and we are clearly in this post about how to make our friends surprised by changing our live location, as Japan is in China.

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First of all you need to install this processor on your mobile. After installing this process we will have the Developer Option Open, which will replace the mock location.

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After changing the Mock location, we will open this location and select our favorite country. After selecting our favorite country, then our current location will change to the chosen locator. Download now open the google map on our phone and we will have a replacement location. Our current location turns out.

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Now we have to send the changed location to our friends and show it as we are in another country. Besides, we can tell you to send your friends to a different country location.


When we ask to track our friends at VATS, we often have to change our locality a little bit and then whatsapp live location tracking shows that we are moving from one place to another.

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Please avoid using this process incorrectly. This recording is only for educational purposes, so it is good to avoid misuse.



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