How to cast mobile screen to desktop or mobile


How to Cast Mobile Screen to Desktop or Mobile:

In this post we see how we can clearly see how to make a mobile phone by connecting a phone to another mobile. With this cast screen you can look at what’s happening on a mobile phone as it happens on our mobile.

For example, if we open the camera on the phone installed on this process, then the phone will open the whatsapp will be opened on our phone and the phone will open on whatsapp is going to happen on our mobile as usual.


How to use:

First you need to first install this processor on both mobile phones and then connect two mobile phones to wifi hotspot and mobile on a mobile phone.

Then connect two mobile phones as you have seen in the video. After connecting the two mobile phones, we need to choose which mobile phone you want on the mobile

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Now that’s the two mobile phones we walk on the mobile that we want to see which phone is on our screen is going to happen right on our mobile screen.

This process can only be used to connect mobile phones to mobile phones, but it is not possible to connect mobile phones at very high distances.

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For example, let’s say that

your friend has a video on the mobile phone and it’s hard to see that you are missing it because of the lack of an error in your phone. Now this processor is very useful for us. Because now we use this processor to connect with our friends in our mobile phone and we now have the video available on our mobile phone.

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Therefore, it is wrong to use the process as a good thing to do with good use of the wrong things.


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