How To Backup Call Recordings In My Google Drive


How To Backup Call Recordings In My Google Drive:

In this post we see how we can see how to save all the foot call records on our mobile.

If we store all the feet on our phone, we will need a lot of space if we store it on our mobile so we can see how we can save all our online recording and online.

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First of all you need to register your application with your name, password and e-mail first. The key to doing this is to make sure that we do not want to have a notification when all of our legs have been recorded with this action.

Then we will go to the website address given to this website by the processor and we will use the name and password in this process and give the same name and password to the web site.

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After entering the three choices will be given the choice. From the four minutes we choose, all of the hands on the phone come to us.

This processor is installed on the phone by the name of Call Manager, so if this type of processor is installed on your phone without you know it, uninstall this processor immediately.

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Use this function only for your own use It is better that you install the phone and listen to what they are talking about.


How To Backup Call Recordings In My Google Drive : Wait For 30 secs.



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