How to back up google plus data on your android phone


How to backup google plus data’s

Google recently announced that it will close its Google Plus account on April 2. Here’s how to save your valuable data.

Last week, the search company Google announced that Google Plus accounts were discontinued in April. Google claims that consumers should download all their Google data before April, as the company is going to remove everything from the accounts.

How do you close the Google Plus data for download below
On April 2,
we will close all your google + account and all the Google+ pages that you have created , and we will delete content from consumer google + accounts, Google said in a blog post.

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Nevertheless, Google Photos automatically backs up photos and videos. You can not create a new account on Google Plus since February 4.

Download your Google+ data First, go to your Google+ account and download your data from the location where Google+ is already selected.

Click Next button, and then select a file type. You have to choose how you want your data to be delivered to you. Then click Click Happen.

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Steps to download specific Google+ data Log in to your google + account Download your data download page. Whether the down arrow (click) – google + stream to select specific data next to the content type you want to download

Click on. Select the one you want to download. Click OK. Click Next. Choose a type of file.Please select how you want data. Click Create Archive. If you delete your Google+ account page, your album will still have photos and videos in the archive. You can still download this content from the instructions above.

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If you log into sites using the Google+ Sign In button, these buttons will stop in the coming weeks, but in some cases you can change the google login button. Sign in to your google account anywhere you see Google sign-in buttons.


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