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A new move by the company to prevent data infringement is Google Password Verification. 


Google introduced the new password verification Chrome extension. This helps keep your password and username secure. If you use a username and password that is used by 4 million credentials that are considered unsecured by Google when you sign in to a website, the new password for Chrome will trigger a warning tool. Google-s-Password test-concept – driven by the Rubicon program for data-failures . The password verification extension can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Web Store. It was designed with expertise by the cryptography at Stanford University .

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This ensures that you will never learn your login credentials. Thus you are safe on any data infringement. But this Chrome extension is in the previous period.

Remember that progress is needed. So you should use this service carefully.
Password verification Chrome extension is your user name and

Prevent the use of the tool and the unsafe login credentials database to verify that the password belongs to. Significantly, statistically informed figures are anonymous.

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Demonstrates the number of statistics that will supervise unsafe certificates if the change to a change on the Internet to improve password and internet connectivity.

This tool of Google is designed to help you avoid data infringement if the information that needs access to the account is lost in the hands of the hacker. This situation is so dangerous that it changes the user name and password when it is in the form of passwords.

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This is the first version of the Password Verification Chrome extension, and Google says it will improve the tool in the coming months. In this way, it improves site compatibility and password and user field detection.


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