Hi friends today we have to see an amazing app called crook catcher. This app is using for the persons who are trying to open your mobile without your permission.

With this app name as CrookCatcher installed on your smartphone or tablet, you might have a chance of getting it back!

CrookCatcher hides a behind your lock screen and if someone tries to unlock your mobile phone with the wrong code, it takes a picture of the person with the front-facing camera and sends it to your email.

The CrookCatcher app immediately emails the photo of the thief to you, along with your device�s current GPS location at present time.

So whether your mobile phone gets stolen or your coworker/partner/friend is simply too snoopy, with CrookCatcher you always know if you have an intruder!

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� Takes a photo with the secret mobile camera when someone tries to unlock your smartphone with the wrong code.

� Sends an email with a photo, GPS coordinates, accuracy, and estimated street address, map and link to Google Device Manager with which you can track your device�s location 24/7.

� Works with the password, pin code and pattern lock.

� Combined map and photo view to browse the pictures inside the app.

� Of course, it is completely silent and secret (turn off notifications in settings).

� No battery drain – The CrookCatcher only runs when the wrong code is entered.

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� Select the number of unlock attempts before picture is taken when you are not present.

� Tweakable GPS settings is that  (timeout and desired accuracy)

The app is free – for you. The app contains ads – for me (the developer). Without the ads, I would not be able to eat or create CrookCatcher. Support development and get the full experience of CrookCatcher

� Detect SIM card and change (send an email with SIM and carrier info: subscriber id, operator name, and  SIM country and SIM serial number. This info might make it possible to get to help from the SIM carrier to find your phone).

� Detect Break-in (If someone is caught by CrookCatcher app but then manages to unlock the phone, CrookCatcher takes another picture)

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� Retry Email (If your phone is offline when the  pictures are taken, postpone emails until back online)

� Change Email Subject (if you get the  notifications from your email app, this is useful to prevent the wrong person from finding out he�s been caught)

� Hide notifications of new pictures until the phone is when unlocked

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