Call Recorder Lite App for Mobile


Hi, friends today in this post we have to see that how to record call recordings in mobile. Please share this post with all your friends.

In all mobiles, there are call recorder app is the present default. In old model mobiles, there is not available. In the new model mobiles, this option is available. For recording all voice and video calls this app is useful. In this post, we have to see that to record voice and video call using the best app. Let’s see now.


This app is mainly used to record all video calls using in all video call messenger app. If you make WhatsApp video call this app is used to record the video call with high resolution with best frame ratio. Using this app you can easily record Facebook messenger video calls also. In a simple way, this app is a user-friendly interface to operate.

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– Record phone call automatically or shake to record calls.
– Sync record call files and notes to drive automatically.
– Remind call again.
– Take note of calls.



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