Call recorder app for mobile


Hi friends today in this post we have to seen that how to records calls in mobile. Please share this post with all your friends.

All mobile phones must have an app called call recorder. This app is very useful for recording incoming and outgoing calls in mobiles. For any purpose, these recordings are helpful for all. This is the best call recording app to record phone calls. You will record easily and there are many simple options for that.

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First, open the app and set the options in the app. After that select the folder where the recordings files need to save. Phone recorder applet you manage recording files in a smart way. After recording the user has a call log of call recording files. If you need any recording is important then select the recording file and to save it to the important category. If not, old records will be deleted when new files are filled in the inbox.

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Best Features
– Auto recording, record call automatically.
– Easy to use, easy to record very high quality.
– Auto incoming call recording
– Auto outgoing call recording
– Able to mark any recording is important.
– Able to share recorded files also.



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