Best way to find hidden cam


Hi, friends today in this post we have to see how to find any camera using a mobile. Please share this post with all your friends.

All peoples travel from one place to the other. And also some of the peoples are taking the new dress for their birthdays or festivals. For that, they will send the dress showroom to take the new dress. To test their dress is a match for them or nor they use the Trial room temporarily. In that room, if there is any camera present how to we find that. For that this app is useful for us. In this post, we can see its use briefly.


This app has one or more tool which detects the infrared lights. Just open the app and select the infrared option and scan for the white light that appears on screen but not visible for the normal eye. Using this app we can easily find the infrared camera. This app analyses the magnetic activity around the device.

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If magnetic activity seems similar to that of the camera this app will give beep sound to alert us. This app is very useful for all peoples, especially for girls and ladies in their mobile use. This app does not detect metals.


– An easy way to find camera around to you.

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– If any camera has it gives beep sound.

– Simple interface for operating.

– Install it and check out.



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