Best option for Group admins


Hi, friends today in this post we have to see that how to disable to send messages in whats app group except for admin. Please share this post to all friends.

Nowadays all peoples are using whats app on all smartphones. Presently all persons are forward all types of message in their whats app groups. Some of them send forward messages and some of them own messages.


If you create a normal whats app group for a specified reason. In that group there are more peoples are present. They send some of the unwanted messages opposite to the group. Then you will delete the messages. Now it has the best method to avoid that type of sending messages in groups.

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In this post, we have to see the GB whats app. This is the new release. In this version, there are more useful options for group admins. One of the best options is if you are the group admin then you can change the group settings only you can send the message. Other participants will not able to send even a single message.

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They will only receive the messages and able to see the messages. There is no option to send any reply messages to the participants. One of the best option for all group admins. The next option is to change the tick style, change the notification icon colour, and the best one disables the voice calls of unwanted persons.

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For safety purpose, the next best option avoids the voice calls from the unwanted persons. If your number is present in unwanted person and if they call you in whats app you will not receive the calls. This option is best helpful for all peoples.



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