Best Notepad app for Mobile


Hi, friends today in this app we have to see that how to take any notes using best notepad app. Please share this post with all your friends.

Normally all peoples are like to make notes using mobile. Unfortunately, sometimes that notes are missed anywhere. At an important time, we check the old notes for use, it will not get. In this post, we can see the best notepad app to make all type of notes in a simple way.


This app is the best notepad which gives you a quick and easy note taking experience. And also it comes with many features checklist, reminder, widget password protection etc. It includes an offline notebook which will work without internet time also.

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– You can make all your notes with password protection.
– Memo alarm is set to reminder for any important works.
– Able to take Audio notes with default mobile mic.
– You can set private note locks for specifies note lists to safe.
– Exchange or share the note clips to any other apps with sharing option

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Using this notepad app we can take small to big sentences notes in a single app. It has very good internal memory. So we can able to take long notes using this amazing app.



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