Best Map app for find places


Hi, friends today in this post we have to see that how to find a location with the best map. Please share this post with all your friends.

All peoples are going from one place to another place in all days. For their loved ones they need to know their live location. For that type of peoples, this app is very useful for them Using this app you can easily find the live location of the required person with number or name.


With this map app, you can find two places distance and the travelling time also. This app is lightweight for any model android mobile. This app is designed as run smoothly on devices on limited memory on unreliable networks without compromising speed to provide your location. Using this app you can see your real-time traffic updates, train bus details.

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– Discover and explore new places
– Search and find local restaurants
– Find a phone number and address to a place
– Save places for your later use.



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