Best Live Location Tracer Android App Download


Best Live Location Tracer Android App Download:

Live Mobile Location Tracker is very simple app that helps you to track your location. It gets your multiple GPS location and then draw on Google Map.

This Mobile Location Tracker can identify your Current location and will show it on the MAP only once. This won’t store your location. Finding the current location will be very easy now with this Phone Location Tracker.


Live Mobile Location Tracker will help you to find route between any two given places on the map. Just select 1st location on the map and select 2nd location on the map and you can see driving directions between these two places.

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Features of GPS Location Tracker
★ Find your current mobile location
★ Save important mobile locations as favorite locations
★. Save your favorite locations and find direction any time
★ Find route to your favorite locations any time.
★ Share your location to friends and family members.
★ See all your mobile location history any time date wise.
★ If you want to track your family members or friends location, Simply install this app in there mobile. later check location history in there mobile.
★ Send your mobile location to family during emergency.
★Download GPS Location Tracker Now for Free!


The User can find the location of following things.

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• Airports
• Atm
• Bakeries
• Banks
• Bars
• Bus stations
• Cafes
• Car services
• Casinos
• Convenience stores
• Department stores
• Gas stations
• Gyms
• Hardware stores
• Hotels
• Libraries
• Museums
• Night clubs
• Pharmacies
• Hospitals
• Train stationed.
* School
* College
* University
* Masjid
* Church

Live Mobile Location Tracker is very Easy and personal application through which you can easily track all the locations you have visited.

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