Best Keyboard App For Android


Best Keyboard App For Android

Refresh your keyboard and messaging system with artificial intelligence and Smile Emojis

Communication evolves with each passing year. Short messages were insanely popular for about twenty years, and today they are slowly but surely being replaced by more convenient, fast, and functional mobile messengers. These messengers allow you to use many bright and new additions like Emojis and an Emoji Keyboard.

Many users prefer to fill their text messages with Emojis. Most messengers have a set of at least 10 or more sticker or Emoji packs. The Telegram messenger even has the ability to create custom stickers with the Sticker bot’s help. Developers implement all of this functionality so that users have the opportunity to express their emotions as accurately as possible, and the closer the Emoji is to real human emotions – the better.


Halomoji – your three-dimensional face Emoji

The Halomoji Mobile App has advanced the idea of a Face Emoji feature.
People always want to share funny photos with each other and spread it throughout social media. So, what if you could do the same with an animated Face Emoji Imagine if you could have your personalized virtual clone via artificial intelligence.

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The mission of Halomoji is to provide users with a simple and quick way of exchanging their emotions and convert it to a Face Emoji with an Emoji Keyboard.  Instead of recording a video and uploading it to a message, you can easily capture your face using your camera and customize a personal 3D Avatar. Choose an emotion! How about the Smiley Face Emoji
Add the Halomoji keyboard to your main keyboard and use it in everyday communication.

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Halomoji main futures

3D Avatar: You can create your own Halo Avatar – just make a photo of yourself! Export and share your Halo Face simply by changing the color of its eyes and hair and by adding some really cool  accessories for free!
Halo Emoji: In the Halo World, simple emojis become alive and animated!
How does your Halo feel? Open your Emoji Keyboard and express the many kinds of different emotions you are feeling by using the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

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Designed for a virtual reality: The new and modern style of:



Presenting your messages and chats.

Have fun with your friends and family! Send anyone a funny photo of yourself using a Face Emoji or Smile Emoji.
Works with any iOS or Android devices.


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Fast Download:

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