Best Face Lock app for Android


Hi, friends today in this post we have to see that how to set face lock option in any Android Mobile. Please share this post with all your friends.

Today all peoples are using their mobiles as self-use. They not like to share their mobile information with anyone even with their loved persons also. The top safe is Face Lock. Nowadays most of the mobile phone is coming with Face Lock option. In old model mobiles, there are not Face Lock option. In this post, we can see how to set Face Lock option in all model Android Mobiles.


This lock is the best sensory, the leader in the biometric system. It makes easy to lock app in your mobile or tablet that you want to keep as private. This app lock ensures only you can control your apps in your mobile. like social media apps and personal information.


The setup for this app is very simple. First, choose any one of the three phrases to unlock or create your own unlock phrase. After that, you can ensure your own face and own voice to enter the camera. Then the app will open after that choose the app to lock. With this app lock, you can lock with convenience mode which requires the only face to unlock or Truly secure mode. which requires both face and voice to unlock,

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