Best Call Recorder App Download For Free


Best Call Recorder App Download For Free:

A Top 10 app in over 120 countries worldwide.

New users get free credit
Call Recorder allows you to record your outgoing telephone calls.

The entire call is recorded and saved on your phone and your phone only. Unlike other call recording apps your recordings are private and are not saved on a third party server.

You can use Call Recorder to make and record national or international calls from any Android device including tablets.

Call Recorder – IntCall is very easy to use: just like your phone dialer, you just make a call from the app and it will be recorded.

Your recorded calls can be:
Played on the phone.
Sent via email.
Transferred to your phone (.wav format).


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You can also set a title for each recording.
The calls are made via our VOIP server that terminates the call to the recipient’s phone. Since the calls are made via our VOIP server and the internet there are no additional call charges from your carrier and the calls will not be listed on your phone bill.

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In fact you don’t even have to have a sim installed to make the calls but you must have a good internet connection (WiFi/3G).

Using VoIP means the app supports Android devices that do not enable native recording. It also means that both parties will recorded equally well.

This app is not free
We provide free installation,free one time credit and a free test call to our answering machine so you can experiment with the application and make sure you are satisfied with the audio quality and the recording process.

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Additional credit to make calls can be bought with Google wallet at the account tab.

The price list can be viewed from the account tab.
Before using the application, you must ensure that the recording of conversations is legal in your country.
Telestar LTD is not responsible for your use of the application




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