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Best Automatic Call Recording Android App Download:

Active Installs: 4.6M
Playstore Downloads: 5.6M
Playstore Rating: 4.5 Star

5 setting You should set it First in Automatic Call Recording Apps:

Cloud Storage
Inbox Limit
External Player
Recorder Hidden Link
Storage External Limits


Playstore Reviews:

  1. My only issue is that the app shuts itself down after switching to another app and doesn’t run in the background I have to keep it open on screen to have it actually run at all. After the latest update it’s worse in that I have to reboot to run it in the background but the second I switch apps I can’t get it to run in the background again even while keeping it open. I too use it for business to have a fallback on a customer’s instructions for their printing and they know about it. So please just fix this issue with it stopping running.
  2. There have been a few calls that when played back sound like a tape machine slowed down, making conversations unintelligible. Since I can’t say if it’s an issue with my app or phone, so just monitor the quality of your own to see if it’s a persistent issue.
  3. Can’t stand the ads, but overall, it is VERY useful, esp with work-related calls… No one can ever say they never said something, or that they DID say something. I have all the calls recorded, and can delete what I don’t need, and save what I may need, for a later date, very easily. LOVE how I can also choose which numbers to record, or not… Very handy, very cool.
  4. UPDATE: Thank you so much for fixing my issue in the latest update (v5.43.11). Everything works again as it should. If you’re in need of an app to record phone calls then I highly recommend the Automatic Call Recorder. I’ve used many other phone call recorders, but I found this one is by far superio
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Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored. Listen to the recording, add notes and share it. Integration with Google Drive™ and Dropbox allows calls to be saved and synchronized to the cloud as well.

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Google Drive integration works on Android versions 3.0 and above.

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Please note that call recording does not work on certain handsets and can result in inferior quality recordings. We therefore suggest that you try the free version before purchasing the paid app.


If you encounter any recording issues or wish to improve voice quality, try recording from a different audio source, or use auto-on speaker mode.

Recorded calls are stored in the Inbox. You can set the size of the inbox. The number of saved calls is limited only by your device memory. If you decide that a conversation is important, save it and it will be stored in the Saved Calls folder. If not, old recordings will automatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox.

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You can enable a Call Summary Menu with options to appear immediately after a call.
Search for recordings by contact, phone number, or note.


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