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Hi, friends today in this post we have to see that how to find a live location for the number. Please share this post with all your friends,

Today all peoples like to find the live location through the map. In this app, we can see the location map for any number. For this, we can first download. After that, we can select the Live location menu and enter the number to find. After that, the location of the number will be displayed on the mobile screen.


Using this feature the live location of the mobile number will easily find out. This app is very useful for school students and businessmen. The app is used to find the current location or nearby places. Now finding the current location is very easy.

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– Live Location option is used to check the current location on the map. It becomes to find easy to find it.
– Live Address option is used to find the current address on the map.
– Places near me is used to find Banks, Restaurants, etc.
– Using the distance calculator we can calculate the distance between the two places.

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