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Hi, friends today in this post we have to see that how to find the hidden camera which is present in many places. Please share this post with all your friends.

Nowadays more peoples are going to take a dress or going to stay in a Big hotel. At there in the trial room or restroom, small tiny cam are present in some of the places. With the help of our smartphone, how can we find that type of tiny camera? In this post, we can see briefly.


How to use this app in mobile?

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First, install this app on mobile and Move to the place where you have doubt. example: shower, lens, or room mirror.

This app has the capacity of magnetic activity around the device. If there is any magnetic activity around the place the app becomes a beep sound in the mobile. By that, we can alert immediately.

This app also has the one more option which detects the infrared rays. Open the infrared detector and scan the white light which appears. The normal cam also detects it but in this app has the inbuilt feature with the latest technology.

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This app does not detect the metal objects. Metals are very good conduction material. But some of the time some magnetic activity of camera in case of any beep look for the lens for taking it.

This app analysis magnetic activity to find the hidden camera. So if beeps, check the lens immediately.

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