Be aware Whatsapp may soon ban you temporarily


    Be aware Whatsapp may soon ban you temporarily

    Facebook Owns Whatsapp is the most commonly used instant messaging platforms. In the past few years, it has received many updates including any new features. This application received great potential for video calls, voice calls, sending and receiving money.

    The official version of Whatsapp has a number of useful features, including the Modded version of the application, though there are many useful features that are temporarily suspended in caution. Some users use these applications because there are more features that are still in the application framework.

    While these updated versions of Whatsapp have additional features, this is dangerous because they are more likely to be hacked. If you’re using such apps, your chat history, personal details, and contacts are definitely at high risk. To ensure your details are safe, you need to use Whatsapp’s utilization framework.

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    For this reason, Whatsapp’s third party apps are banned by some users, Whatsapp Plus and WhatsApp gold app has taken a serious step by blocking users using Modded versions. If you are one of those banned, you will receive a message that your phone can contact me using the whatsapp.

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    In case you have received that warning, you have to remove the application and download the official Whatsapp app from the respective utility store. You can continue to use the services of the Instant Messaging site. However, it is not clear whether or not to restore chat history.

    The latest Whatsapp features are now also tested with new features like Advance Search to search for a variety of messages, including photos, GIFs, videos, links, documents and audio. It is expected to bring the Whatsapp Group System feature, fingerprint authentication and dark mode to make it safer for use.


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